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Two Or More Featured Images For A Collection In Shopify

If you find yourself in Shopify in any capacity, you probably already know that Shopify allows you to upload a featured image for a collection, and for the most part this is enough. An image per collection item has been a standard for quite some time, but things evolve and so do tastes, and now we are confronted with a new problem. What do you do when depending on the context of your business you need two different images that represent the same collection? While Shopify does not allow this natively, there is a small trick you can do to make this reality.


The first step we have to take before moving on to the Shopify portion of this trick, is preparing the two images. The only thing to do here is naming the files in a specific way. Let’s say you need one of these images to take the size x400 when it is displayed. You will rename this image like this:


[Your image name]_x400.jpg  - with “_x400” before the file extension


The other image you want to associate with this collection will be the one that remains visible in Shopify’s administration in the “Featured” image area of the collection, and this picture should have the name:


[Your image name].jpg  - so this image should have the same name like the one above, excluding  “_x400”.


The next step you need to take is going to Shopify’s administration, open the collection you want to have this feature on, and click the button Add image. Now you need to be very careful because first you need to upload the image [Your image name]_x400.jpg and only afterwards you upload the image [Your image name].jpg.


This should be it! Anywhere you use the [Your image name]_x400.jpg in your online store, you will have the first one, on all other sizes you will get the second one offered to you by Shopify at your requested size other than x400. Give it a try and see how it works for yourself!


In fact, with this trick, you can even add more than two images if that is what you’d like. Don’t let yourself get stuck in just one way of doing things! Always explore and expand your thinking and abilities, and who knows what sort of trend you might start! 


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