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The Ask

MyBeautyMart is a family owned hair, makeup & skincare supply shop that has  been in business for over 30 years. They proudly credit the longevity of the company's success  to their unwavering focus on customer satisfaction, high standards for employee expertise and competitive pricing.  

MyBeautyMart came to Slicedbread with a solid brick & mortar following but had little online presence and minimal sales. We worked to increase both sales and brand awareness in the digital space with onsite UI / UX updates, monthly ongoing SEO optimizations and had a comprehensive paid channel strategy.

The Solution

Our digital strategy focuses on multi-platform integration in a way that makes sense for the brand and the business:

  • Social: Our social campaigns have a strong focus on search, utilizing remarking and internal audiences to grow social proof.

  • Conversion: Analysis of site UI and UX to widen the conversion funnel and improve the pathway to purchase.

  • Search: Comprehensive brand and shopping campaigns; optimized with remarking lists and mobile users. 

  • SEO: Ongoing monthly maintenance to improve organic search performance and continue to build brand awareness. 

The Results

Our strategy drives the numbers and the numbers determine the success of our strategy. We’re constantly evaluating and working to improve both. During the first six months, we found the sweet spot that led to consistent and significant month-over-month onsite revenue growth.

Average Monthly New Users
Increase in Revenue
Organic Growth Year over Year
Google Ads ROAS


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