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Signature Napkins

Signature Napkins is the exclusive distributor of MYdrap Napkins in the United States. MYdrap Napkins are an innovative napkin unlike any other. Combine the tasteful texture and sophistication of cotton and linen napkins with the convenience of a paper towel and you will have an idea of what MYdrap Napkins has to offer!

When you are ready to step up your dinner party game to the next level, go ahead and check out Signature Napkins. The premiere exclusive distributor of MYdrap Napkins in the United States. Now, that’s a lot to boast for a company that sells napkins, but these aren’t just any napkins. They are made from the highest-quality cotton and linen and come in a variety of tasteful designs suitable for any event. Fancy napkins may not be for everyone, but the people that want them… REALLY want them in large quantities, so the business is there!

The Ask

The Brand Came to us in need of a strong strategy that could increase presence and revenue through email marketing and google ads / Facebook ads sales channels.

Signature Napkins had found some success in the online retail market but needed more exposure and more brand salience. They approached Slicedbread with an initiative to build a strong digital marketing strategy to increase web presence and revenue through email marketing and Google/Facebook advertising.

The Solution

Email Marketing: Created presence and consistent email base every month. We used an email capture form to build more users and used promotions to increase engagement.

Email Marketing: Through the use of web promotions and email capture forms, we were able to build more users and increase engagement with the brand, and nurture the leads through a targeted and consistent email campaign.

Google Ads + Facebook Ads: Built out traditional marketing funnel and optimized accordingly.

Google Ads + Facebook Ads: By using the brand assets and content Signature Napkins already had, we were able to build a traditional marketing funnel in the digital space and optimize it to get eyes on the prize. 

Website Development: Transitioned the website from a custom platform to Bigcommerce to make use of their eCommerce functionality.

Website Development: Their website was built on a custom platform that was not optimized for eCommerce, so we transitioned their site to Bigcommerce, where they could access much more robust eCommerce tools to grow their business.

The Results

Total Revenue Growth Increase (2017-2018)
Email Revenue Growth Increase (2017-2018)
Paid Search Revenue Growth Increase

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