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A Peak at Our Process: Women's Fashion

From Zero to 6 Million

Every once in a while, we run into the perfect storm of brand, creative, opportunity. In this case, this women’s fashion brand came to us having never run a digital marketing campaign in the first two years of its life. However, what it did come to us with was a 50,000 person Facebook following, a 75,000 person Instagram following, and a cult-like following for brand releases. 

In most cases, these metrics can be construed as fairly pedestrian. However, couple this with concise consolidated photography and video campaign, and you have an advertising base that cannot be beaten. 

The Approach

This brand approached us with major hesitancy about implementing an advertising campaign. Their focus was to drive value through paid advertising but to not oversaturate the market, which they felt would cheapen the brand.

The approach here was as follows:

  1. Begin with low spend and a large assortment of ads 
  2. Keep ad frequency low and the first time impression ratio high
  3. Slowly boost spend upon performance

Before we go further, I do want to show the final results of these campaigns. Since campaign inception, this brand has generated over six million dollars at a 28X ROAS. 

Lifetime Metrics

How Were these Results Achieved

As mentioned above, the focus here has always been to balance advertising revenue with brand presence. With that focus, our initial budget was $500 for the first month. That initial budget turned into 42X ROAS over the first 15 days, and with that spike, the clothing brands team told us to expand to $2,000 for the full month and then $8000 for the second.

With this push, we saw vast returns but the brand had begun getting worried about overall frequency. From a remarketing perspective, they felt that their base clientele was getting served the ads too often.

In order to rectify this issue, we leveraged heavy exclusions in our advertising. We focused as such:

Remarketing Audiences

  • Frequency cap at 1X a week. 

We then turned our sights to prospecting audiences and created a funnel focused on the following:

Prospecting Audiences

  • Website Traffic Lookalike (30 Day) - 1%
  • Facebook Engagers Lookalike (30 Day) - 1%
  • Instagram  Engagers Lookalike (30 Day) - 1%
  • Past Purchasers - Value Based Lookalike - 1%
  • Broad Targeting (Women) 

With these prospecting audiences, we excluded all past purchasers from the last 30 days, any website traffic over 30 days, and any social engagement over the last 30 days. This coincided with the rollout of a new product that occurred in 30-day cycles.

After proving out the initial concept, we then began to split our campaigns into categories to further diversify the ads that our users would see. This split changed our prospecting and remarketing targeting to focus on:

  • Tshirts
  • Pants
  • Outerwear
  • Shoes
  • Accessories

Unlike most brands, with the high ROAS that we were creating, we were not worried about the overlapping of audiences. Instead, we focused on keeping that diversity.

An In-House Handoff

With the success that we saw, the clothing brand got to a point where they were finally looking to bring all advertising in-house. We view this transition as a badge of honor and an inevitable part of any brand's success. 

With that, we worked with the team to explain best practices, the history of the brand, and the overall focus on the campaign. The transition took place over several weeks and allowed the in-house team to slowly learn the methodology behind the advertising platform. 

With that, they’ve been able to continue their success. As a trusted partner, we’ve maintained access to their advertising platform as a checkpoint for issues and feedback.

As with any brand, we are excited to tackle the nuances of any business that we partner with and to work those nuances into brand success. 


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