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Understanding Google Analytics vs. Facebook Reporting

Launching an ad campaign for your business or product is an important first step into the world of digital marketing. But once a campaign is out there, how do you know that it’s actually working?  An ad campaign's performance is measured through the collection of data. This data gives us...

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What’s With All Of These YouTube Ads?

You know what I miss? The good ‘ole days when you could pay a couple bucks for an app, and then you got the whole app, not just 15% of...

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Digging Deeper Into The Components Of The Google Quality Score

In our previous articles we saw the importance of quality score in Ad rank equation, together with cost per click bid (ad rank = CPC bid x quality score) this...

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A Peak at Our Process: Women's Fashion

From Zero to 6 Million Every once in a while, we run into the perfect storm of brand, creative, opportunity. In this case, this women’s fashion brand came to us...

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