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How do email marketing and SEO help each other?

It might seem counterintuitive—email marketing is gated content, meaning pretty much only the email recipients can see it, while SEO is focused on content visible to search engines. Yet, the two marketing channels can help each other.

This article explores how integrating email marketing with SEO can drive more website traffic, boost engagement, and enhance overall digital marketing effectiveness, creating a synergy that benefits both strategies.

What are the benefits of integrating email marketing with SEO?

One of the first benefits of using email marketing for SEO purposes is having more website traffic. Most newsletters include links to the website, which converts into website traffic and, possibly, clients.

An engaged and loyal audience - people who interact with an entity on newsletters tend also to use social media, give links to the website, and spend time on the website. All this helps with the conversion rate. 

How to use newsletters to help SEO?

Using an email newsletter platform can help you better understand your most loyal audience.

One solution is repurposing the content you use in your newsletter to create blog posts. To increase exposure, you can also promote blog posts, press releases, and special promotions on your website via your newsletter.

You can choose to make the newsletter content public, thus creating more relevant content for your website and linking back to it. You can ask for customer feedback in your newsletters, thus better connecting with your audience.

Furthermore, you could also use email remarketing to target customers on other platforms. However, make sure to ask for permission from your users before this.

How do you use SEO to help email marketing?

You can reuse content from your website in your emails. Blog posts, articles, special products, and promotions can all be valuable newsletter content.

If you promote your newsletter on your website and in other places (email signature, perhaps social media accounts), you can increase your subscribers with a relevant audience.

To increase deliverability, you can link (verify) your domain in your newsletter platform. There are tools to help with this.

How can SEO be used to create a better-converting newsletter?

You should use SEO knowledge to create titles and subject lines that are both attractive to users and SEO-friendly. The subject line can contain some keywords and be of a certain length. (Approximately 25–45 characters with spaces)

It would help to make your emails easy to share on social networks. Have a permanent link to the newsletter page. Each newsletter should have a link to your website, but make it relevant.

Use your analytics and reporting skills in SEO to work with newsletter analytics and draw conclusions. Adapt your techniques.

Each newsletter should have a main call to action. It can include (but is not mandatory) a secondary call to action and so on. As an additional CTA, always encourage your visitors to share your content.


The interplay between email marketing and SEO can create a robust digital marketing strategy that leverages the strengths of both approaches.

Using email marketing to drive targeted traffic, engage audiences, and generate backlinks and social shares can enhance your website's SEO performance.

Conversely, optimizing your email content with SEO principles can improve deliverability, open rates, and engagement, leading to better overall campaign results.

Embracing the complementary nature of email marketing and SEO can lead to a more engaged audience, higher conversion rates, and improved online visibility.


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