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Tackling Technical SEO Issues

As most digital marketers know, technical SEO is one of the essential pillars of any search optimization strategy. However, with one of the latest of Google’s Search Algorithm updates, technical SEO just became much more important. 

In a recent Search Engine Land article, they noted a business that incurred a 25% drop in Google organic traffic after the release of November’s Core Update. This becomes a huge problem with 94% of this business’s traffic and leads come from organic search.  They cite the reason for this drop as on-site technical issues. You can read more below:

Luckily, technical SEO is one of the few items (things like fixing internal 404 errors) that can be implemented immediately and show short-term results. These sorts of changes involve site structure, data architecture, and the speed of the site.

At Slicedbread, we take a different approach to implementing on-page SEO. Rather than implementing long-term off-page SEO strategies, we prefer to push more immediate onsite changes. This condenses the scope of our products to 60-90 days, rather than the year-long contracts that you see with most companies. 

Our objective is to quickly reclaim the SEO value in order to improve the value of our paid marketing efforts. We like to relate this to pulling up anchor before setting sail. By proving the integrity of the website, and improving the conversion flow we have removed any barriers to conversion before we really begin to push advertising. 

To sum things up, it is worth taking a look at your organic traffic over the course of the last three months. Should you see any drops that are out of the ordinary, one of the places that you might want to start is technical SEO.


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