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Impala Rollerskates

Nostalgic-Themed Skates, Making a Timeless Comeback Online

Launched in Melbourne Australia in 2017, Impala Rollerskates is bringing back the yesteryears of skate with nostalgic throwbacks to the ’70s, '80s & ’90s.

The Ask

Impala Rollerskates came to SlicedBread looking to scale their business in the US market as well as increase brand recognition and awareness.

The Solutions

In order to scale the business in the US market, our team deployed a strategy that involved extensive keyword research and conversion optimization on Adwords. Our initial strategy focused on increasing search impression share by consolidating secondary and trending related terms. On the campaign level, we utilized a combination of search, display, video, and shopping campaigns across Google’s ad network. In conjunction with our Adwords strategy, we also analyzed the site’s performance data and consumer behavior flow on Google Analytics to determine our best course of action. With the majority of our data-driven campaigns geared towards growth/prospecting; looking to increase brand awareness and new acquisition. 

The Results

Lifetime Paid Search Return on Ad Spend
3.5 Million
Average Monthly Impressions
Average Monthly New Users


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