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Crossfit that is equally about its people as it is about the fitness.

REVIVE RX was created to help fitness athletes achieve their performance goals and was built on the back of a strong crossfit community. Powered by crossfit influencers and founders, REVIVE RX was looking to leverage their user database and reach deeper into their core crossfit demographic and adjacent demographic subsets.

The Ask

REVIVE RX looked to us to put together an encompassing Facebook strategy to help that better reach their audience and to push their brand. The goal was to generate as many first time users as possible and then transition those users to repeat customers.

The Solution

We implemented a strategy that involved leading users down the conversion funnel. At the top level we created lookalikes from customer lists and site metrics, and interest based audiences to prospect new users. Once those users were engaged, we re-engaged them with different brand content in attempts to show them key brand ideas. Finally, we lead them down the purchase path with dynamic content to keep the brand top of mind though the initial and subsequent purchases.

The Results

With such a tight knit audience, we were able to generate highly positive results quickly. Those results quickly snowballed into more user data which allowed us to reach further into the business’s user base for even better results at an accelerated pace.

Increase in Revenue
Return on Ad Spend
Users Reached
Impressions Served


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