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Approaching the world of triathlons from a whole new perspective.

Coeur Sports is a women's triathlon and endurance sports apparel brand based out of Santa Monica, California. The brand developed a fanatical following with the quality and performance of their gear in triathlons world-wide. Coeur approached us looking to improve their overall advertising strategy and to help build the brand.

The Ask

We were tasked with decreasing the brands overall cost per acquisition and then expanding the brand as far as possible while maintaining that cost per acquisition.

The Solution

We deployed a strategy that involved an initial SEO and Conversion Optimization analysis and implementation followed by Facebook and AdWords advertising.

The SEO and Conversion optimization efforts allowed for both organic growth and visibility, while also decreasing the overall CPA. With a highly defined niche in the apparel industry, we were able to quickly scale our advertising efforts to the brand’s target buyer.

The Results

The results for Coeur have become what we aspire to reach with all of our brands. We’ve seen growth and consistent return from the brand over the past three years, and plan to expand even further in 2019.

Facebook Return on Ad Spend
Lifetime AdWords Return on Ad Spend
Users Reached
Increase in Return on Ad Spend


We began working with The Sliced Bread team in early 2016. We had been running our digital campaigns in-house prior to working with Sliced Bread. They were able to point out several very inefficient practices in our campaigns. Thanks to their work, we have seen a double digit percentage decrease in the cost of acquisition for new customers and a roughly 40% increase in top line sales. They are experts in the digital space and have provided tremendous value to Coeur Sports.

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