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Meta News and Updates

Here are some of the latest Meta updates:

Introducing Meta's Video Catalog Ads

Meta has announced several new artificial intelligence (AI)-powered tools and ad formats to help retailers and advertisers better reach and engage with customers through video content and personalization.

Advantage+ app campaigns (previously known as automated app ads) are designed to maximize ad performance.

  • Using machine learning, Advantage+ app campaigns help deliver higher-performing creative to more relevant audiences on more effective placements.
  • Video catalog ads should be available in most accounts & can be seen across all placements: Reels, Feed, Stories, and Watch. 
  • Automated product tagging on ads is done through image and website link matching (catalog vs ad). Ads with product tags show people shoppable catalog products.

Reminder Ads Feature Updates

Reminder ads can be used to announce an event, promote a launch or product, and can be seen on Instagram feeds and Instagram Stories. These ads can be created in app and also from Ads Manager using a single image, video, or carousel format. 

  • The latest feature lets you use catalog products within your reminder ads. 
  • Advertisers can now incorporate external links to new products or sales.
  • This summer, Meta will introduce additional methods for advertisers to notify users when an event begins and before it concludes.

Meta Verafied Updates

Meta Verified is a monthly subscription offering exclusive features and benefits for creators. New features allow users to customize links from images and even set a primary link (available on Facebook only.) There are now updated features around comment filtering on Instagram based on Meta Verified status.

In order to become Meta Verified, there are a few requirements to start the verification process. Along with only being available in the select regions, the account owner must also: 

  • Be at least 18 years old.
  • Represent an individual person
  • Agree to the Terms of Use and Community Guidelines on Instagram, and Terms of Service and Community Standards on Facebook. 
  • Have a profile picture that includes the user’s face, and have a government-issued ID that matches your profile information. 
  • Have two-factor authentication enabled. 
  • Meet the minimum activity requirements.

If the account meets the above requirements, the eligibility status will be viewable inside the Instagram and Facebook profiles.

Cross-Posting Between Meta and Threads

Meta has confirmed that it’s testing a new option that will enable Instagram and Facebook users to crosspost their updates to Threads, (Meta’s Twitter-like app), which is currently only available on iOS and will apply to text or link posts. 

  • As of now this is in the testing stage and is only available to some users. But when it is available, users will be able to choose to cross-post to Threads.
  • Cross-posting is a great way to save time and get your ideas in front of multiple audiences.

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