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Least and Greatest Common Extensions

1. Security Plugins

Learn about installing extensions in a browser, and preventing security and/or privacy risks:

Security logo 2. Valuable Extensions That Are Not Often Mentioned

  • PerfectPixel by WellDoneCode (pixel perfect) - Chrome Web Store - Useful for web designers who have to convert a design from a PhotoShop graphic to a live & working website. It overlaps a transparent image with the design to the actual website, so, if necessary, one can make adjustments to make the live website look exactly like the design graphics.
  • Imagus - Chrome Web Store - If you hover over an image, this extension will make that image larger. 
  • TunnelBear VPN - Chrome Web Store - Use this extension to get a different IP address, from a country of your choice. You do have a free limit of (currently) 500 MBs / month, but for occasional visits, this works fine.
  • Copy All Urls - Chrome Web Store - When we created this article, we worked with lots of tabs at the same time. In the end, we wanted to copy all the URLs, for all tabs and put them in the document to publish. This extension (there are more who do similar things) helped us do that.
  • Export Tabs - Chrome Web Store - This extension offers the opposite solution to the one above - if you have a list of 10 URLs, this extension makes it easy to open all of them at once. Useful for working with lots of tabs at once.
  • Absolute Enable Right Click & Copy - Chrome Web Store - Some websites block copy & pasting, while others disable the right-click menu. This extension allows setting them back.
  • Sexy Undo Close Tab - Chrome Web Store - It's surprising to see how few people use this extension. If you open and close 10 tabs, and want to open back one of the recently closed tabs, you do have some options in Chrome, like viewing history or pressing a shortcut (Ctrl + Shift + T / Command + Shift + T) multiple times. But this extension, by allowing you to see a list of closed tabs, makes it so much easier.
  • I don't care about cookies - Chrome Web Store - If you always hit "Accept all" on cookie messages, and prefer to see them less often; try this extension. It automatically accepts all cookies. Do note that for some websites, there might be errors, so you'll need to disable it accordingly.
  • ColorZilla - Chrome Web Store - If you need a Colorpicker (to get the HTML code of color) on a page, this site helps you with that.
  • View Image Info (properties) - Chrome Web Store - This extension makes it easy to see basic information about an image, like resolution (width x height) or file size (in MB or KB).
  • Open Selected Links - Chrome Web Store - This extension allows you to select a text and open all the links within that area.
  • Backspace to go Back - Chrome Web Store - If you want to use the Backspace key on the keyboard to go back a page, this extension will help you do so.
  • Bitly | Powerful Short Links - Chrome Web Store - For shortening URLs and getting traffic details - if you share a link on social media, and you want to see how many people click on the link, you can use this extension. Do note that some statistics about the links are available for anyone to see.
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3. Extensions That Are Frequently Mentioned

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Additional Extensions

While the extensions mentioned in this article will be most relevant for individuals working in the online field - digital marketing, specifically; this valuable resource will help any user choose the right extension for various scenarios.


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