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Human Touch

Elevating Wellness and Design Through Innovation

With a legacy of 40+ years, Human Touch has created an impressive lineup of wellness products, including massage chairs, zero-gravity recliners, and targeted massage products. Their innovative design approach involves collaborating with experts from various fields to craft groundbreaking solutions that not only relieve pain and reduce stress but also add aesthetic value to any environment. Human Touch combines top engineering, medical expertise, athlete insights, and award-winning design to create products that rejuvenate the mind and body, no matter where life takes you. 

The Ask

In early 2023, Human Touch teamed up with SB to gain valuable support for their ROVE chair launch. They sought backend assistance from SB's skilled developers and also received valuable help with branding and launching strategies. SB provided them with the expertise and resources they needed to ensure a successful and well-structured product launch.

The Solution

SB played a pivotal role in orchestrating Human Touch's successful product launch. We initiated the campaign by crafting engaging advertisements on Google, Facebook, and Bing, capturing the attention of prospective buyers. To further incentivize customers, SB introduced a compelling introductory offer.

In addition to our advertising efforts, SB contributed valuable insights and best practices in areas such as asset management, language optimization, and budget allocation which ensured that Human Touch had a well-rounded and effective launch strategy in place.

The Results

New Users Compared to Q1


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