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Garner's Garden

Garner's Garden Garners Attention In A $100+ Billion Industry

In a booming $123 Billion skincare industry, Garner’s Garden has found a way to set themselves apart with a collection of natural and effective products that are sold at a price that is affordable for the average consumer. Their line of all natural care products, focuses primarily on skincare but also includes oral care, body care, hair care, and facial care. While the other brands are hiking up prices with fancy packaging and plastic fillers, Garner’s Garden remains faithful to their mission of delivering high-quality natural products to the average consumer, because everyone deserves to have healthy and radiant skin.

So how do we fit into this equation?

The Ask

Garner’s Garden came to Slicedbread in need of in depth and holistic digital strategy development that spanned many platforms, in order to help their products reach their maximum sales potential.

The Solution

Paid Social - By utilizing dynamic, internal, and interest based audiences in a variety of conversion and traffic based campaigns we were able to accomplish 4.5x ROAS on average through Facebook advertising.

Paid Search - We set up Google Analytics to track ad revenue and proceeded to configure ad platforms for campaign building. To attract the most diverse group of customers we optimized many search audiences in a variety of branded, non-branded, dynamic, and Google shopping campaigns.

SEO - Complete SEO audit and implementation to create more organic search traffic. We also ran a full Conversion Optimization analysis, which is essentially just an audit of the user experience on the website, and we implemented any pain points that we found.

The Results

Revenue Growth by Month 3
Average Monthly Impressions
Facebook Average Monthly Return on Ad Spend
Google Average Monthly Return on Ad Spend


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