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Lili Chemla of Liana Clothing grew up constantly on the hunt for the perfect basics - Cozy enough for a night in, elevated enough for a night out.  Liana Clothing started with simple t-shirts and socks, and soon branched into the softest sets, pants, sweatshirts, and tees that every girl dreams of. 

The Ask

Liana Clothing was still fairly new when we started in 2017, and riding high off of a couple of successful early PR pieces. Lili sought an Instagram-first paid social strategy for her growing brands, as well as supplemental search campaigns and general development support onsite. 

The Solution

Paid Social: Instagram was where this brand was born, so we knew early on that we would need to keep that in mind throughout every step of our build out. With seasonally driven content refreshes, geo-tagged local campaigns, and a specific focus on it-girl imagery and copy, Liana Clothing built itself into the space steadily for over two years.

Paid Search: On the search side, we wanted to keep things simple and streamlined in the name of cost efficacy. We continuously optimized a branded campaign, as well as tested various supplemental campaigns on this end to provide brand awareness and a backbone to our overall strategy.

SEO: Two audits, done about a year apart. First was truly to optimize the entire site, as well as products, from an SEO standpoint. Second focused on products and on-page SEO, as in the time between the two Liana had massively broadened her offerings.


The Results

Google Ads Lifetime ROAS
Facebook Advertising Lifetime ROAS
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