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Using Digital Advertising to Break Into the World Of Fashion

STAUD came to us as a quickly growing fashion brand, looking to both empower women and to make fashion accessible. STAUD had started to gain traction and came to us looking to expand the brand and the velocity of growth.

The Ask

We were tasked with growing the brand through the Facebook advertising channel, and building revenue to increase production.

The Solution

We deployed a strategy that involved an initial SEO and Conversion Optimization analysis and implementation followed by Facebook and AdWords advertising.

The focus of our efforts were to push quarterly collection launches, often pushing burst sales to sell out product within the first day of release.

The Results

STAUD's non-traditional marketing structure required a non-traditional marketing strategy. We focused on building revenue for single day launches and then carried that success throughout the month. With this strategy, we often saw returns of 50X ROAS or above on single days, and then an evening out throughout the rest of the month. 

Facebook Return on Ad Spend
Google Ads Return on Ad Spend
Users Reached
Overall Revenue Generated



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