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Slow And Steady Climb To Major Success

A fine jewelry brand based in New York City inspired by the deceptive simplicity of modern communication, and beyond. After success in the fine jewelry world, Alison Lou branched into a lower price point with her spectacularly successful diffusion collection – Loucite – Which has since been seen on nearly every celebrity, not limited to Emily Ratajkowski, Selena Gomez, Lady Gaga, Gigi Hadid, Tracee Ellis Ross, and Celine Dion, to name just a few. In a few words, this is the fine jewelry of the younger generations... blending classic stones and metals with pop culture references and Emojis.

The Ask

Alison Lou found Slicedbread looking for a partner to help her slowly expand her digital presence without simply pressing down as hard as possible on the gas pedal, but rather with a slower, measured approach. Not wanting to over-expose the brand and risk over-leveraging early on, we recommended a more concise approach to digital strategy. We worked together to create an all-encompassing digital strategy that allowed them to scale at the perfect pace to be able to keep up with inventory and still find opportunities to push major product launches as needed.

The Solution

Paid Social. We managed to find the sweet spot by limiting social campaigns to a DPA to capture the lowest hanging fruit. We created an internal audience campaign to make sure her loyal existing users were kept up to date on her latest launches, as they are fundemental drivers of her brand's overall growth. We also established a slow and steady external audience campaign to manageably continue adding new users without overloading a small team.

Paid Search. Search took a similarly mellow approach, with a basic Branded campaign to ensure a multitude of competitors weren’t encroaching on her name. A Google Shopping was also launched to put her product front and center right in the search results, along with a few select non-brand campaigns to keep the external audiences on a gradual drip.


The Results

Google Ads Lifetime ROAS
Facebook Advertising Lifetime ROAS
Total Ad Reach
Increase in Revenue


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