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The Diaper Bag If You Hate Diaper Bags

Mina Baie is the diaper bag company for moms who hate diaper bags. With a passion for both style and minimalism, founder Jenna Sá Freire set out to create a modern, chic diaper bag that ‘sparks joy’ for both moms and women alike.


The Ask

Mina Baie had already amassed a sizable following of chic, like-minded moms & came to Slicedbread to begin scaling her digital presence with the goal of providing more cash flow for larger manufacturing orders and expanded product offerings. The early success of her campaigns speaks to both her niche in the market place, and her first hand ability to provide stylish moms with everything they want in a diaper bag, and nothing they don't. Initial results were so strong that we were able to significantly scale spend within the first 6 weeks & have been working to keep up with the demand since.


The Solution

Paid Search: Top funnel prospecting for terms like mom bags, diaper bags, leather, etc.. Heavy focus on automated smart shopping campaigns as well as proper optimization of her existing branded campaign.

Paid Social: Heavy focus on prospecting through both Lookalike Affinity / Interest audiences. Layered with mid-funnel internal base audiences as well as direct product remarketing. Segmented focus on Instagram story creative present across all campaigns.  



The Results

Revenue Increase in Month 1
Total Average Monthly Impressions
Lifetime Google Ads Return on Ad Spend
Lifetime Facebook Ads Return on Ad Spend


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