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The true belt with no holes.

Nexbelt was created to help create a better belt. Their ratcheting belt system is designed to help anyone find the perfect fit and make finding that fit especially easy. However, Nexbelt found that the belt space was incredibly competitive and faced the daunting task of build the brand in the face of two venture capital backed competitors.

The Ask

When we first partnered with Nexbelt, they were using an automated system to run both their Facebook and AdWords advertising campaigns and we’re returning just over 2X ROAS. We were tasked with finding and eliminating the excess spend in the platforms, and reallocating that budget into profitable advertising segments.

The Solution

We rebuilt the entire Facebook advertising and Google Ads structure for Nexbelt within the first 30 days of their campaign. Using the data that they had compiled through their high ad spend, we were able to quickly reduce the amount of wasted spend and to push that into profitable segments. We then continued to scale the brand over the next two years to build it into the brand we see today.

The Results

Over the two years that we worked with Nexbelt, we saw massive increases in their overall revenue and the return that they saw through their digital platform. Overall, we were able to keep pace with their competitors and build market share.

Increase in Revenue
Facebook Return on Ad Spend
Revenue Generated
Users Reached


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