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Nickel and Suede

Bringing a Niche Product to the Masses.

Nickel and Suede is a leather earring and leather accessory brand, that focuses on bringing high quality, low entry point jewelry to market. The brand has had tremendous growth through accessibility and original design. With the strength of the Nickel & Suede brand following, we were able to identify core audiences and expand rapidly using both Facebook advertising and AdWords. Pairing that strategy with Nickel & Suede’s Public Relations efforts and high quality imagery, we were able to close the gaps in their marketing platform and drive synergy between all marketing channels.

The Ask

We were tasked with expanding the brand's online presence and overall brand footprint through SEO and digital marketing efforts.

The Solution

We deployed a strategy that involved an initial SEO and Conversion Optimization analysis and implementation followed by Facebook and AdWords advertising.

The SEO and Conversion optimization efforts were focused on decreasing the baseline cost of our advertising, allow us to get the highest potential reach with the lowest potential cost. We then pushed heavily on social media advertising to build the brand steadily at a return that is almost unheard of in the jewelry business.

The Results

The results for Nickel and Suede have been phenomenal. From the start of our campaigns, we knew we had something special, and were able to build the brand to new highs quickly. Not only did they return over 2 million dollars directly through the Facebook platform, but we were also instrumental in helping provide the capital for a new brick and mortar store and warehouse.

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