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‘Call To Action’ Buttons in Facebook Ads

Whether it’s a single image ad, video, slideshow, or carousel, Ads Manager is a useful marketing tool that is widely used by brands and businesses. 

But did you know that you can take a Facebook ad one step further by adding a CTA (Call To Action) button? 

CTA buttons

These buttons encourage people to take an action, and whether it’s booking an appointment, shopping on your website, or signing up for a membership, the buttons can drive traffic and even be a catalyst for sales! 

That’s why this week, we’re breaking down how to use CTA buttons in Facebook ads - keep reading! 

How do I choose the right CTA button?

Choosing the right CTA button is pretty simple at a base level, thanks to Facebook’s wide offering of available actions. From ‘Listen Now’ to ‘Get Showtimes’ there’s something for nearly every kind of business out there.

When picking the right button for your ad, consider the overall ad objective. If you’re trying to gain leads, encourage your audience to complete a lead form with a CTA button like ‘Contact Us’ or ‘Sign Up’. If making a retail sale is the endgame, the ‘Shop Now’ button is probably your best bet. 

Testing CTA Buttons

Initially, choosing a CTA button should be pretty cut and dry. But what if more than one CTA button makes sense for a certain campaign objective? Easy solution: test them both! 

The best way to get down to the nitty gritty of  an ad’s performance, is to put it out into the world and watch what happens. Facebook ads offer a wealth of data to help merchants and businesses understand what worked and what didn’t work with their ads, so use it! If you’re stuck between ‘Get Quote’ and ‘Get Offer’, utilize basic side-by-side testing to get factual results, and move forward with future ads using the highest performing CTA button. 

In addition to testing and considering ad performance data, keep in mind that specialists recommend using a CTA button that feels like more of an invitation than a demand. Encouraging visitors to ‘Learn More’ rather than ‘Book Now’ can make them feel welcome to get more information before committing to a purchase, while still driving traffic to your website and creating potential conversions. 


While some may argue that an ad without a CTA button feels a bit more organic and less forceful, Facebook recommends using them and so do we. If a built-in CTA button isn’t your style, consider using a manual call to action in the description of your creative, but no matter what: test, test, and test again. The most successful ad format for your brand will vary depending on the type of business you’re running, and the type of ad campaign objectives that you have.


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