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Why Carousels/Sliders Are Not Recommended for Webpages

Carousels are great tools for conveying information on social media, but how does this media style fare on traditional web pages?

  1. Most visitors to a website want to get the information they need quickly, and sliding through various images of a carousel is not one of their priorities.
  2. Many Carousels/Sliders look like animated banners which may be confused for ads causing users to quickly scroll pass them.
  3. Most users don’t click past the first slide, rendering the click-through-rate (CTR) on carousels extremely low and thus, ineffective for retaining users and sharing information on a site.

If you must use a carousel, ensure that it is not an autoplay carousel. Users often can’t finish reading all the information quickly enough before the image automatically rotates. 

What should you put on the homepage, rather than a Carousel/Slider?

  1. Share your current promotions using video content or original content created by your business.
  2. Consider sharing a hero image (How To Create a Hero Image
  3. Feature your top-selling content and products along with reviews and testimonials.
  4. Use a format that features compelling CTA that is easy to read and operate.
Banner promoting WOW Slider: Awesome Slider for Non-Coders, with navigation arrows and pagination indicators.


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