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Optimizing Landing Pages

Interested in leveling up your website, increasing organic traffic, and attracting more potential customers? It’s time to think about optimizing your landing pages.

That’s right - creating effective landing pages that utilize strong keywords and are tailored to your target demographic can help boost sales, and turn passing online visitors into faithful customers. 

Read on for a breakdown of how to optimize landing pages and strengthen your brand’s digital footprint! 

Effective Landing Pages

When it comes to landing pages, one of the most common things that we notice is the tendency to make the categories offered in the product menu too broad.

Not having a landing page for each major group of keywords can significantly decrease a user’s experience by making it unnecessarily challenging to find products that fall under one umbrella, all in one convenient place. Additionally, a lack of targeted landing pages makes it difficult for an SEO Specialist to rank its keywords organically. 

Let’s unpack this challenge with an example. 

Imagine that one of your clients is a jewelry company with 527 different products, and that the current product menu on their site looks something like this:

Site menu


This client has some popular products that are highly searched every month, among them: 

  • Rings: “stacker rings”, “signet rings”, “flat wedding rings”, “oval cut diamond rings”
  • Earrings: “hoop earrings”, “single earrings”, “stud earrings”
  • Necklaces: “chain necklace”, “bar necklace”, “lariat necklace”

Now I want you to imagine that you’re a customer using the above product menu to find some of these popular items. Compare these highly searched items to the product menu that’s available to users. Does it seem easy or difficult to find what you’re looking for? Let’s put it this way: it could definitely be easier. 

Take a look at the average monthly search results for some of this company’s most popular products:

Keyword List with Search Volumes

These average monthly searches, combined with the company’s available products help us to see areas where we can optimize their landing pages.

In this case, the “cluster rings” keyword alone generates 6,600 average monthly searches, and the client has enough relevant products in this category to justify grouping them into a collection. 

We can create an extra layer of navigation under the product menu’s “Engagement Rings” section, by listing links to the most popular diamond cut collections, which will help streamline the search for users, and optimize their most popular keywords:

Site menu

Not only does this action make it easier for visitors searching for “cluster rings” to find the right products, but it also creates a perfect landing page to drive organic traffic. Eventually, when someone searches for “cluster rings” on Google, the product categories will pop up.

Additionally, based on our research, our client could reasonably expect this current navigation to add links to extra landing pages. And as we all know, landing pages increase conversions, which can generate leads and increase sales for your business.

Here’s an example of a new suggested menu that overcomes limitations and adds extra pages for Google to list in the search results:

New site menu


With these simple edits, we’ve made it easier for a visitor to find a specific product, and  increased the client’s SEO optimized landing pages. As a result, search engines will better understand the purpose of the pages, ranking them higher in search results and leading to an increase in traffic. Visitors will have an improved overall experience, which can increase conversions, and these newly optimized landing pages will increase the “Page Quality Rating”, bringing benefits like cheaper, more effective AdWords campaigns.


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