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Optimize Your Landing Pages For Optimal Conversions

Despite what you may have been told, the key to a successful ad campaign is not just the ad campaign optimization, but everything surrounding it. The entire ecosystem surrounding the ad process must be dialed in for you to get the conversions you are looking for. Everything from the settings in your account to the timing of the delivery, to audiences, and even, as this article will discuss, your landing page.

Your landing page experience plays a large part in your conversions, which I’m sure you already know, but it also plays a large part in your ad delivery. If the landing page experience is not optimized effectively, your ads will reflect this, since whatever platform you are advertising on is optimizing around conversions… which you are not getting due to poor landing page quality.

Tick these 5 most important boxes below to help your landing page experience:

Make sure the landing page is instantly clear on what is about. There should be no room for guesswork! Like a first impression, you want people to be able to tell immediately what they are looking at and what they should do. What is the main question that your product is answering for users? Use it on the top of your landing page in a benefit-oriented headline. Hold their hand, and tell the user what they should do next, they’ll thank you with a purchase!

Make sure your page loads fast and it looks good on mobile. How fast your page loads can dramatically affect your conversion rates. A one-second delay in page load time translates into 11% fewer page views and a 7% loss in conversions. Make sure that the design is eye-catching and easy to look at. Optimize the content length for mobile and desktop and make sure there aren’t huge blocks of text or enormous high-resolution images that clutter the space or take up too much loading speed.

Make sure the product answers the question your users are asking or the need that leads them to the website. How relevant your product is to your ad copy and landing page copy is everything. If someone thought they were coming to buy one thing and the product is something else, they will bounce, and that will reflect poorly on your ad. Using a good call to action that is convincing enough to make users click it is important but make sure that call to action is relevant as well. Do your research and think like a customer, and ask the questions they will have. Focus on one main call-to-action so that your goal isn’t too complex for a fast-moving super scrolling user browsing the internet.

The landing page content must be clear and relevant. To make it easier, the content should address the following user questions:

    1. Is this what I am looking for?
    2. Can this site be trusted? 
    3. How long will the purchase take?
    4. Is there a return policy/ contact form?

One way to craft effective content is to use the exact words your prospects are searching for. Aligning your keywords with your landing page and your ad copy will deliver a nice cohesive experience from start to finish that will lead customers down your sales funnel and straight to a conversion. Gain their trust, make things easy, and help them find what they are looking for… that’s your main job here!

Align your landing page content (visuals and copy) with your social media posts and ads. Designing with a cohesive copy will help build a reputation and keep your business’s authenticity. If the user decides to do a little more research on your brand and visits a few other links in relation to the product and the brand, you want them to find consistent messaging throughout. From social media to landing page to ad copy, you should be using similar keywords, similar tone, and similar language to build a trustworthy brand image that doesn’t feel slapped together.

That should get you started on your landing page optimization journey. Although these tips offer no guarantee and just scratch the surface of landing page optimization, at least you now have the tools and the frame of mind to start inspecting your content for the major trouble areas. Marketing is all about knowing the basics, and this gives you some good foundational knowledge to get started, the rest will come with experience, and perhaps a little help from Slicedbread!


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