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Habitat Home & Garden

Habitat Home & Garden has established showrooms in San Luis Obispo, Malibu, and Santa Barbara, CA. These showrooms serve as a haven for exquisite home decor and garden essentials. Featuring an extensive collection of thousands of distinctive pieces sourced from different corners of the globe, Habitat Home & Garden offers a diverse range of furnishings and exclusive treasures that are truly one-of-a-kind.

The Ask

In late 2022, Habitat enlisted the expertise of SB to assist in the successful launch of its online store and enhance its digital presence. SB was entrusted with the task of not only supporting the establishment of Habitat's new physical store location but also devising effective marketing campaigns to create anticipation with "coming soon" teasers and generating awareness once the store was open.

The Solution

SB initiated a comprehensive range of services, beginning with conversion campaigns on major platforms such as Google, Facebook, and Pinterest. Although Facebook initially experienced a slow start due to being in the learning phase, SB swiftly took action by consolidating ad groups and allocating additional budget, which successfully propelled Habitat out of the learning period. This strategic approach ensured that Habitat's advertising efforts on various platforms were optimized to achieve their conversion goals.

The Results

Revenue Growth Quarter 2
Increase in Add to Cart Users



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