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Kasey Wiese, CMO - Arcade Belts
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The Facebook Agency


Ready to lower your advertising cost and improve conversions?  Let us show you how we can help. As a Facebook Business Partner Agency, we’ve helped hundreds of businesses and spent millions of dollars creating Facebook advertising strategies built to succeed.

Our focus with Facebook advertising is understanding the many different variables that go into the Facebook algorithm, and making informed decisions on which levers will generate results. Let us employ years of experience across both e-commerce and lead generation and help you save both time and advertising dollars.

Lookalike-Based Prospecting

Lookalike audiences can still perform in a post-privacy world. We help enhance data collection in order to rebuild lookalike audiences for performance.

Interest Based Prospecting

Cast an even wider net across closely related interest groups. Building a strategy that revolves around intelligent, data-driven decisions that goes after a strategic group of individuals that may be interested in your brand.

Segmented Website/Social Retargeting

Truly reach out to users through a seamless conversation rather than cookie-cutter ads by delivering different content and value propositions to audiences based on whether they came from your website or other social ad campaigns.

Dynamic Product Advertising

Creating prospecting andretargeting ad campaigns that can be dynamically created to match the audience, so that the most accurate and effective creative can be delivered to the perfect user.

Video/Image Driven Campaign Targeting

Diversify your ads using a mixture of still imagery and video content, capture different audiences by delivering creative that exemplifies the most detailed of value propositions in the quickest form.

Purchase Driven Optimization

React to modifications, updates, and improvements based on actual purchase information rather than reactive knee-jerk decisions by using data as the foundation for scalability and continual growth.

1 Segment

Successful Facebook Advertising campaigns start with intelligent and strategic segmentation. With millions of dollars of monthly Facebook Advertising spend, we employ tried and true segmentation strategies that will help us best enter often saturated markets with a scalable and efficient plan of attack.

2 Create

Great conversion rates are not just based on ad strategies; they are also based on how captivating the ads are themselves. Our team looks at the entire process and will create ad groups that not only target the most likely audiences, but also speak the language that responds best to your target demographic. Whether that's through a sequence of imagery, video, or simply captivating language, we look at the full process top to bottom and create campaigns that draw in the most engagement.

3 Deploy

Once your ads are ready to go, our deployment process is never a set-it-and-forget-it type of arrangement. Each individual ad and group will be closely watched in that first stretch to ensure that our strategies are taking effect. 

4 Optimize

Perfection is a continual goal and rarely struck upon the first attempt. So while campaigns may look like they are performing well, we never settle on just "good enough". Our team will continually monitor your ad campaigns and modify as needed to ensure that if there is room for improvement, we take full advantage of it. 


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Client Showcase

Dana's Bakery

Once a local bakery, Dana’s Bakery has become a national powerhouse in the world of baked goods. Dana's Bakery has established a reputation that precedes itself among fellow bakers, foodies, and influencers alike. At Slicedbread, we took that energy and channeled it into their full online strategy; Resulting in growth metrics that to this day they can't stop raving about.


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You have questions. We have answers.

Will you take a look at my account before I get started? 

We would be happy to perform an audit of your account free of charge to see if our services might work for you. We're in the business of building value in any way we can. 

How long are your contracts?

Our contracts have always been and will continue to be month to month. We prove our value each and every month and build long term partnerships that way. 

How does your pricing work?

We offer a la carte pricing for all our services and create packages specific to your business. Our monthly minimums for services start at $2,500 per month.

How much money do I need to spend on ads?

We recommend an absolute minimum of $10,000 per platform. This allows for Facebook and Google algorithms to collect data and optimize properly. Anything under these minimums allows for incomplete modeling, and lower performance. 

Do I own the ads you build or do you keep them?

You will always maintain ownership of all accounts, ads, and materials. We help you set up your accounts and you give us the authorization to run them. They always remain yours. 

Who does the work on my accounts?

All of our accounts are run by full-time employees here at Slicedbread. Each and every employee who works within our accounts is Facebook Blueprint Certified and Google Ads Certified. Your campaigns will never be given to freelancers or anyone who works outside of Slicedbread. 

How does reporting work?

Reporting will vary depending on ad spend and need. At ad spends under $50,000 per month, we generally recommend bi-weekly reporting. At $50,000 per month or more, we recommend weekly reporting as we are able to aggregate data more quickly, which allows for more rapid changes in the account. 

Do you offer creative services?

Yes! We offer creative services!

How do I get started?

Just fill out the form below. We look forward to speaking with you!


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