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The 3 Superpowers of Advertising Agencies

Marketing has become more specialized and strategic than ever before. What used to be a wild wild west of trial and error has become a delicate dance of experience and innovation. There’s an art to digital advertising. While before, everyone was kind of in the same boat as far as what was and wasn’t effective, now, due to their expertise, advertising agencies are relied upon heavily to provide timely and flexible expert assistance to create value and growth for brands.

Unsure if externalized marketing makes business sense for you? 

Here are the top 3 advertising agencies superpowers that can fully benefit your business starting today:


1. One-fee-fits-all expertise

Choosing an agency is so much more than choosing the right marketing services. It is partnering with the best in the discovery of endless digital opportunities through multiple services from marketing, strategy, to creative, & development. Digital marketing is not just about one channel, or one platform, or even a few… it’s about the entire environment that you create surrounding your brand, and all of the different online touchpoints that you users interface with are cohesively bound together in a funnel that brings people in to spend some money with you. It’s an ecosystem that agencies not only understand but specialize in creating.


2. Access to the hottest marketing trends & partnerships

Uncover the latest marketing research and digital trends with personalized assistance directly from Google, Facebook, Amazon or Shopify. While you could listen to all of the newest podcasts and videos about the latest trends in marketing, the agencies are always the first to learn all of these secrets before they get out to the public. Some agencies are such close partners with these platforms that they even get to test out all of the new features first before releasing them to the public. Partnering with an agency gives you the newest tools to help you stay on top of your industry


3. An unbiased outside perspective on your business

More people means more ideas. Sometimes internal marketers don’t see the overall perspective as they’re not exposed to many industries at the same time. Digital marketing strategists are trained to see marketing form a customer perspective so they can offer unique insights and ideas. Diversity in thinking will only lead to a bigger and better perspective for your brand.

Also, let’s face it, if you are inside the company you have an emotional connection to everything and the politics of who is saying what and who is running who could drastically affect your perspective on any issues. An outside marketing perspective from an agency that holds no emotional stake in the company or the relationships within it, gives you a completely unfettered and raw opinion that you need to make the smartest and most objective decisions when it comes to your brand growth. Everyone needs some tough love sometimes, and an agency is great at just that right when you need it.


4. There are no textbooks for digital marketing. 

The rules change with every update of every platform. Every day, tried and true becomes old and obsolete, so keeping up with this wild west of clicks and impressions is a full-time job and a superpower in and of itself. Working with an agency allows you to focus on making smart decisions for your brand rather than spending time keeping up with digital marketing trends, which you could let someone else do. Focus on what’s important, and let the agency take care of the rest!

Although partnering with a digital marketing agency isn’t for everyone, and there is a level of trust that you must develop with your marketing partners that take time and effort… if you stick it out, develop an open and honest line of communication, and work as a team to drive your brand, you’ll be thankful that you took the leap. I guarantee it!


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