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Is COVID-19 Affecting Your Online Marketing Strategy?

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Understanding the Facts

We are keeping macro and granular pulses on the market as a whole, and are seeing very mixed results depending on sector. Per our channel partners at Google, online retail as a whole is surging as people are increasingly confined indoors and as internet traffic soars.

Per our partners at Google and Facebook, we are seeing the following.

Marketing Trends During Corona

We're seeing a lot of documentation coming from some of our partners at Google and Facebook about the after effects of this type of event, and how early decisions in handling your businesses response during this time can have a massive impact on your eventual ability to recover. We would highly recommend reading through this article on what we can learn about supply and demand from past outbreaks. 

With that being said, per our channel partners, online shopping activities have increased 32% across all channels and business sectors.

Emergency Resources

We understand the importance of ecommerce for small businesses and believe that setting a strong financial foundation is key to stabilizing cash flow and continued marketing. 

There are more and more low interest small business loans being subsidized by the government along with various grants popping up. We recommend that all businesses try to stay as up to date as possible on new efforts like the ones you see below. Check back frequently on both while continuing to explore any other similar options you may find:

In short, we believe that small businesses are best served in the long run by continued marketing efforts until they are truly no longer economically viable.

Should You Be Marketing?

We understand that making the final decision on whether you should be marketing during this time can be difficult. With that, we are offering free 1 hour consultations to help assess the situation.

These consultations come with zero obligation, but do require advertising history on Google and / or Facebook.

Making the Most of Your Marketing

We recognize that extraordinary times call for extraordinary measures. To help reduce the cost basis for small business we are stripping our retainers for new business at this time. Instead, we will be running solely off of commission models to ensure that our clients only incur cost when we are driving revenue.

How does this work?

Performance Driven
Commission Only
30-Day Sprints

We will work strictly on a commission for performance model, and charge as a percentage of profit on revenue reported directly in your advertising channels (Facebook, Google Ads, Amazon). We will only invoice after the first 30 days of ad run has been completed.

In this model, we are actively building your business with you. You get all the expertise of a Google Premier Partner, a Facebook Preferred Partner, an Amazon Agency Partner, and Shopify Partner without any of the upfront cost.

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