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Andrea Iyamah is a high-end clothing line inspired by Nigerian cultural elements. Designed to celebrate the owner's African roots, Andrea Iyamah offers bold-colored modern feminine resort & swimwear.

The Ask

The brand already had a sizable following of passionate customers. They came to us wanting to scale their digital advertising & expand cash flow for large manufacturing orders. Slicedbread smartly created a strategy that took advantage of the seasonal nature of their product while also sustaining the brand during off-months.

The Solution

Paid Search: Top funnel prospecting for terms such as print bathing suit, black owned swimwear, patterned swimsuit, etc..

Paid Social: Heavy focus on prospecting through both lookalike/affinity audiences. Our main focus was to build a sustainable structure that would allow us to market monthly products in a way that would foster consistent growth.

During each summer month, the brand launched a handful of new swim designs. We strategically increased spend around those drops, utilizing the increased organic traffic from their social media followers coming to the site in our remarketing campaigns.

The Results

Revenue Increase Month 1
Paid Social Return on Ad Spend
Paid Search Return on Ad Spend
Increase in Site Users Month 1



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