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The Glamorous Rise Of Miaou, The "Cool" Fashion Brand

Fashion is one of the most difficult industries to break into. Entirely based on taste, endorsement, and a very specific few gatekeepers, so when we find a brand that has potential here, we get excited. Miaou is an exclusive high-end Women’s fashion brand, focussed on redefining the modern female wardrobe through flashy prints and textures. It’s chic, it’s irreverent, it’s exciting, it’s all the words you’d use to describe the nebulous concept of “cool”… this brand is just simple cool in all the ways it should be.

The Ask

Miaou came to SB a crucial point in their budding phase of brand recognition, including various press mentions and influencers that helped represent the brand. After dissatisfaction in working with other agencies, they came to SB in need of more in-depth digital strategy development, as well as advertising designed for long-term consistent growth, to help the products and brand name reach their maximum sales potential. That’s a challenge we were happy to accept!

The Solution

Paid Social - Seeing as how this brand was already in their awareness growth phase, it was crucial to finely tune their digital ad spend to greet the customers that were already looking for them while also prospecting new sectors and new groups of future customers. By Utilizing dynamic, internal, external, and interest based audiences in a variety of conversion and traffic based campaigns we were able to do just that. Facebook advertising has resulted in over 5.1x ROAS on average.

Paid Search - Similarly on google, we had to analyze their already steadily increasing organic search value, and throw some fuel into that fire to really heat things up. Through setup and configuration of ad platforms for campaign building, as well as setup for Google Analytics we were able to increase organic traffic to their sales channels.. Utilization of many search audiences in a variety of branded, non-branded, dynamic, remarketing, and Google shopping campaigns continued to work towards increasing brand awarenes overall. Adwords advertising has resulted in over 4.6x ROAS on average.

SEO - People were already looking for them, so we needed to make them easier to find. Complete SEO audit and implementation of updates as needed increased their finadability, while a full Conversion Optimization analysis and implementation increased how easy their site was to browse once you got there.

The Results

Revenue Growth by Month 3
Average Monthly Impressions
Facebook Average Monthly Return on Ad Spend
Google Average Monthly Return on Ad Spend


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