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Rugid Outdoors is a family-owned, American-based small business. Started in 1983 as an FDA & EPA registered manufacturer of skincare products for the outdoor worker. All of their products are unique in their own right and specially formulated to be safer and keep you outdoors longer.

The Ask

R&R Lotion, the parent company of Rugid Products, built their business through manufacturing and wholesale. Over the past few years, they worked on branding and labeling individually sized versions of these well-loved products for direct user purchase and having finalized the brand and website came to SB looking for help in starting to drive traffic and eventually sales to this new property.

The Solution

SVO / Con Ops: Crawling their freshly built website to ensure a good user experience, functionality of the checkout funnel, and overall brand presence.
Facebook Ads: A likes campaign to grow their FB following and provide social proof to new users online just beginning to explore their offerings, as well as a full-funnel of conversion campaigns - From broad affinity-based prospecting, all the way down to direct product remarketing to finish the sale.
Google Ads: Focused here on a brand campaign to continue helping to establish general brand awareness as new users begin exploring their offerings, as well as shopping and selective non-brand campaigns to continuously fill the funnel from the top down, without breaking the bank.

The Results

Increase in New Users Month 1
New Social Users Reached
Increase in Branded Google Clicks Month 1


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