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Reasons Why Data feed Management Is Important

Now more than ever, E-commerce is booming and merchants are turning to channels like Google, Facebook and Bing to create ads. But with each of these channels comes a different set of requirements and specifications, designed to help merchants reach the right consumers for their products.

Because of these specifications, it’s extremely important for product data to be accurate. Errors in product data can affect conversion and even limit the reach of product listings to the right customers.

Having complete and accurate product information not only helps merchants target the optimum audience, but it also helps to establish trust with the customers that are pursuing the product. Accurate data instills confidence in potential buyers, ultimately helping to determine the success of the campaign.

Additionally, focusing on data feed optimization is key. Data feed optimization helps merchants to send product data to various channels quickly and succinctly, and the dynamic updates of this data across channels improves merchants businesses by offering more effective campaigns, and reaching new customers.

Data feed management optimizations also help product listings reach their full potential by giving merchants the tools to utilize and manage all products for a targeted audience, as well as add additional fields like product types, custom labels, google product categories, etc.


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