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Immersive New Reality through Virtual Lenses

Zenith is one of the most exciting new virtual reality games and experiences that money can buy, and the team at RamenVR are really pushing the envelope on what it means to fully step into a new world. Through the eyes of your favorite pair of VR goggles, Zenith brings the "out of body experience" idea to new heights and is only continuing its growth trajectory with each new iteration and expansion. 


With Zenith's plans for rapid growth and expansion, they needed a website to bind everything together and provide them with a scalable platform to build their brand around for the years to come. They approached us for a solution that would allow them to foster that growth while also giving them the ability to easily add to the foundation without the constant need for developers to be involved. Slicedbread helped them weigh their options and ultimately felt that Shopify would give them the stability, scalability, and ease-of-use they were after, while also maintaining a level of professionalism and aesthetic that rivaled with their competition. 

Captivating and Media-Rich Sections

In the gaming industry, rich media content is crucial to showcasing what type of experience their end users are getting into. Contrary to modern designs where often "flat" content is employed, Zenith needed sections throughout the site that allowed for moving video that was accommodating but not overwhelming. We built sections throughout their site that allowed them to not just simply load video files and moving imagery, but helped them balance the content out so users would not be inundated with sensory overload. 

Dynamic Multi-Tiered Content

While Shopify is predominantly known as an eCommerce platform, Zenith needed more content-centric pages to help educate users on the extent of their game. These pages aren't typically found by default within Shopify's plethora of themes, and so we built them page templates that accommodated this very need with the ability to manage and load multi-tiered content across various pages. This example demonstrates how the top half of the page loaded up to 3 different video-centric examples of a character's skills while the bottom half loads a revolving graphic with added gameplay details. 

Full-Canvas, Content-Managed Sliders

Including hero sliders in any website build is common practice in modern website design and development. The challenge however is creating a system that doesn't look like a traditional slider while also building a framework that allows easy addition and changes without programmatic knowledge. We built a slider system that utilized a full-canvas image approach, layering in content upon content that did not take away from the most important elements of what the user is looking at. Most importantly, all of this can be easily adjusted and managed without programming knowledge and built to be virtually unbreakable. 

Sliced Bread was crucial in our go to market strategy for Zenith, stepping in at the 11th hour to help us launch an extremely successful website which led to an amazing amount of pre-orders. I look forward to working with them again in the future.

Andy Tsen




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