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Google's Recommendations & Optimization Scores

If you’re like me, then your Google ads accounts, even the best performing, are full of suggestions from google. The recommendations tab is where to view these.

Types of recommendations to consider:

  • Keywords - google suggested keywords are always worth considering, especially if you have the budget to expand. Use your best judgment to determine relevancy and add them in. Be careful though, and don’t just click apply all. Many times, suggested keywords are there to increase traffic to your site, not necessarily conversions.
  • Ad extensions - always add as many extensions as you can to convey meaningful brand and product info to the customer AND take up more valuable real estate on the SERP (search engine results page). 
  • Bids & Budgets - see if your campaigns are limited by budget or if you should spend more & less on certain keywords. Google will always make sure to recommend you spend more on their platform. Sometimes it makes sense, sometimes it doesn’t. Before clicking “apply all” on any budget-related recommendations, take a look at your spend and your total advertising budget. 
  • Bid strategy - if the account is chugging along profitably and efficiently, take a look and see if different campaign bid strategies are being suggested. Target ROAS and Target CPA both get pushed a lot by google, so take a look and consider this as an option

A lot of recs are just good for basic housekeeping, as some things get forgotten or ignored. Other recs imply more serious changes, like bid strategies and budget increases, so consider them seriously but don’t automatically apply anything Google says.

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Alex Kravchenko
Partner | Search & Digital Outreach
I am the search-engine whisperer. I deep dive through your website and uncover opportunities in organic search improvement, keyword optimization, and ultimate maximization of your ROI. I collate all of these opportunities into a series of executable SEO implementation guidelines and guide our web developers and marketing team to make sure it is set up to the highest scrutiny of optimal SEO best practices. Once it is running, I monitor and analyze your SEO statistics to ensure your SEO doesn’t step out of line again, after all, you just know how to speak it’s language.

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