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From Hobbyist to Powerhouse

Retrospec is a recreational equipment brand focused on creating thoughtfully designed but affordable products for life apart from the 9-5. Single-speed bicycles were Retrospec’s initial offering but they have since expanded into skate, paddle, snow, youth, and fitness products.


The Ask

Retrospec came to us with heavy yearly growth and we’re looking to both consolidate their Amazon products under one umbrella and to quickly build overall volume. Retrospec initially had their lines split into different brands, with Snow products being called “Traverse”, Paddleboards housed under “Ten Toes”, and even fixie bikes housed under the brand name “Critical Cycles”. These brands all operated under individual advertising accounts. Retrospec wanted to improve the quality of their advertising by housing all ads under on account. They came to us to do that push.


The Solution

Our early focus for Retrospec was to drive sales velocity as quickly as possible. We focused on quickly creating campaigns to drive volume to product pages. We also expanded heavily into sponsored brand campaigns to drive overall brand awareness in search results. With this, we were able to start pushing traffic and sales early in our campaigns.

With the market beginning to be blanketed with our advertisements, we focused on dynamic bidding with proprietary tools. With these tools, we were able to set ACOS thresholds on current product performance, pushing those that needed an organic jolt and driving down ACOS on high performing SKUS. With these tools, we are measuring not only the ACOS across the brand as a whole, but also to individual products to ensure organic traction. This speeds up not only paid advertising revenue but also quickly increases organic revenue to decrease reliance on paid efforts.


The Results

In the year that we have been working with Retrospec, we have been able to push overall advertising revenue 240% and increase their peak of sales in December. 


Amazon Advertising Revenue

Not only have we been able to push revenue in that way, but we’ve consistently seen a reduction in overall ACOS. Since we have started running this strategy, ACOS has been reduced by 43%.


Amazon Advertising ACoS

Increase in Revenue
Reduction in ACoS
Increase in Spend


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