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Create Region Centric Content On Your Website

Expanding your customer outreach to specific regions is an important part of business growth. Getting started can appear complicated but we have an approach you can easily follow. Our favorite strategy is to tailor the content on your website to the specific country or region your individual users are located in.  

There are several ways to tailor your website content to the specific country or region your individual users are located in. We believe Geolocation is the most direct approach. Geolocation is getting the user’s IP address and tracing it back to the country and/or region where they are browsing from. 

But how do you find this information? The most reliable way to trace an IP address is to use a dedicated geolocation API platform. There are many API’s on the market, but the one we suggest is Abstract API

APIs all typically work the same way. After you sign up for an account (pricing will vary but they are generally inexpensive), you will get an API endpoint URL and an API key to authenticate your requests. Armed with these, you can now start to get to the fun part — geolocating!

Here's an example: 

  • You want to add an interstitial to a Shopify store that shows a 10% discount code to United States users for Black Friday. You don’t want to show other countries, only to users with IP addresses in the US. The first thing we need to do is create the interstitial element in HTML.
Screenshot of code with div element id 'black friday discount'
  • Then set it to display: none in our CSS so that by default it does not display other users.
  • Next add some javascript code for the geolocation and show the interstitial to US users.

Screenshot of javascript code

  • Finally, do a simple AJAX call to the API. In this case Abstract API returns a JSON payload.
    Screenshot of AJAX call to the API code
  • Here you will find key value pairs to get the user’s city, region and country. In this example, we are only interested in the user’s country. We reference that in our code and if it returns the value “United States” we show the interstitial. For all other users nothing else happens and they do not see the interstitial. 

There are many ways you can utilize region centric content, the sky is the limit once you have a reliable API to retrieve the information. Once you do, you can start implementing the above codes and enjoy a precise expansion of targeted client outreach.


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