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Shopify Functions Replaces Shopify Scripts

Shopify Scripts is a free tool that can customize discounts in a customer's cart. Unfortunately, Shopify recently announced that support for Shopify Scripts is ending on August 13, 2024 and will be replaced by Shopify Functions. Any existing scripts that merchants use must be migrated to Shopify Functions.

What this means for merchants that use Shopify Scripts:

By the August 13, 2024 deadline you must have a replacement app to house the functionality provided by Shopify Scripts. After this date it will be deprecated and will no longer be supported by Shopify.

With Shopify Scripts ending, you'll now need to find a new way of applying discounts at checkout. Here are two alternatives:

  1. Other Apps: You can use one of the apps already out there for discounts. While some of the apps have free plans, be aware that many require a fee to use them.
  2. Build A Custom App: If your store is on Shopify Plus, an app developer can build a custom app for your store. Look at developer docs to better understand this process and to see examples of what an app migration process looks like.

Here's a checklist of what you'll need in order to implement Shopify Functions: 

  1. Have a Partner account.
  2. Have a development store.
  3. Have an app that uses Shopify CLI 3.0 or higher, or a migrated existing app that is compatible with Shopify CLI 3.0 or higher.
  4. Your app must be installed in your development store.
  5. Rust must be installed. (On Windows, Rust requires the Microsoft C++ Build Tools. Make sure to select the Desktop development with C++ workload when installing the tools.)
  6. Cargo-wasi must be installed.

Once you have the above requirements met,  you can build the app itself and integrate the particular tools from Shopify Functions. You can also build out the user interface so that the merchant can use the app. The Shopify docs explain the process, including a discounts app scenario


It is disappointing to see Shopify Editor discontinued as it's a very powerful tool and free of charge. Luckily we have a generous amount of time to plan for the migration of existing scripts and to find suitable routes for each Shopify store. If you would like additional help with your digital strategy, contact our team at Slicedbread. We're always here to help.


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